Building better communities

Hudson Communities specialises in the design and construction of community style residential development projects such as townhouse estates, multi-level apartment buildings, retirement villages and land subdivision projects.

Our commitment to providing better communities for a new generation enables us to identify, design, schedule, construct, maintain and improve upon each and every project we engage. Community style residential projects are unique, each presenting their own character and style.

We believe this uniqueness requires a corporate culture that has been founded upon a solid understanding of the residential consumer and upon the ability of delivering quality, time and cost efficiencies. Developers need to position their project well, optimise value whilst minimising cost. This is highly suited to our relationship model and to our portfolio of services.

Even more importantly, developers need a design and construction team that understand every aspect of the residential building process and how attention to detail best fulfils the demands of the end consumer. Being a division of the Hudson Homes Group of Companies, Hudson Communities is perfectly placed to deliver the ultimate residential client experience.

With our origins as a home builder committed to designing and building quality homes for a new generation, the core essence of our culture has been built upon the principle that homes are ‘made for living’.