Hudson Communities employs a highly disciplined approach to its design and construction philosophy … and it is upon this philosophy that the foundations of our business model were established, developed and adopted.

Clients in transparent relationships with a design and construction company that boasts an experienced management team can take some comfort in knowing that each project commences with an emphasis on performance and risk management.

Our commitment to developing and maintaining strong client relationships with our clients means that we are often invited to be involved in the early stages of a development project, thereby maximising the value we are able to provide by instilling the right philosophy, people and process to best suit the requirements of each individual project.

We believe that putting the well-being of our clients first ultimately serves the best interests of our clients, our company and our community.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve superior development returns by providing a collaborative design and construction service that positively impacts the overall success of the project.

We will at all times:

  • Ensure that the needs and objectives of our clients and their customers always come first.
  • Provide our design and construction services with the highest level of integrity and honesty.
  • Build safe, comfortable and secure projects.
  • Focus on achieving quality, time and cost efficiencies in everything we do.
  • Assist our clients in making educated and informed decisions by allowing them to be involved in each step of the design and construction process
  • Communicate our ideas and opinions with our clients clearly and openly.
  • Remain committed to our team based approach as this is a fundamental key to providing a superior design and construction service to our clients.
  • Continue to provide innovative solutions that will enable us to excel beyond our peers.
  • Commit to the continuing education of our staff, trades and apprenticeship programs as this is absolutely essential in maintaining our ability to innovate and in maintaining our design, construction and risk management knowledge.
  • Support the communities in which we live and work. We have committed our energy, our experience and our knowledge to attaining the goals of our clients and we understand that the measure of our value is inherently measured by our clients’ success in meeting their objectives.


Hudson Communities has a focus on selective, value-based investing and employs a top down macroeconomic approach and a bottom up microeconomic approach to the identification, acquisition and development of property assets.

The top down macroeconomic approach helps us to identify and select specific property markets and sectors that are likely to offer the best economic performance.

This approach includes monitoring population growth, economic development, unemployment, government policies in relation to housing approvals, rezoning, infrastructure development and land releases. 

The aim of our macroeconomic approach is to identify geographical areas which exhibit favourable trends in supply and demand characteristics. The bottom up microeconomic process focuses on specific property analysis and helps us to identify those individual property assets that will best enable our clients to achieve its investment objectives within the geographical areas identified in the macroeconomic top down approach.

A rigorous due diligence process is employed by Hudson Homes Communities and, combined with the support of our design and construction teams, ensures a strategic and quantitative approach to the selection of suitable development projects and that each project selected fits within the pre-defined risk profile and investment objectives.

Once a project has been identified, the processes adopted in undertaking the design and construction of that project are fundamental to achieving a successful outcome.

And since we understand the impact that early involvement in the project planning stage can have on the overall success of the project, our early engagement often minimises project risks and maximises the benefits that a collaborative effort will have on the overall success of a project.

We add value to our clients by identifying risks before providing practical solutions based upon tested and proven design and construction processes.