Hudson Communities specialises in the design and construction of community style residential development projects such as townhouse estates, multi-level apartment buildings, retirement villages and land subdivision projects.

As a member of the Hudson Homes Group of Companies, we pride ourselves on understanding the responsibility that comes with delivering a high quality residential product to a discerning home owner. And our understanding and commitment to this responsibility means that every member of our team remains focused on delivering quality whilst also achieving time and cost efficiencies.

At Hudson Communities we believe that this combination of quality, time and cost efficiencies always leads to the ultimate client experience. Because when it comes to designing and constructing community style residential development projects for our clients, how we build and manage the relationship between our clients, our suppliers and our contractors creates the foundation upon which each project is built.

By taking a long-term partnering approach to building, we are better able to understand the needs and goals of our clients and to then utilise our suppliers and contractors to deliver an optimal solution.

Our commitment to providing better communities for a new generation enables us to identify, design, schedule, construct, maintain and improve upon each and every project we engage.


We are a financially solid company that focuses on maintaining a strong balance sheet and profitable growth. As a major builder, the Government regularly reviews our balance sheet, cash flow and operating processes to ensure that we always maintain our status as a capable, competent and financially viable builder. We continue to invest in our business by employing experienced staff capable of developing the systems, processes and procedures that will enable us to manage and maintain the growth we have achieved to date and into the future. With annual revenue targets exceeding $100m, the Hudson Homes group is on track for another year of growth.

Given our financial stability and our commitment to designing and building quality communities for a new generation, our commercial clients are provided with access to our financial statements which are independently audited by Deloitte’s.

Corporate Responsibility

As a modern and innovative construction company, we recognise our responsibilities to our clients, our suppliers, to members of our team and to the wider community in which we live and work. Hudson’s Corporate Responsibility program began with the aim of ensuring that all the good initiatives already underway were brought together in a way which provides focus, clarity and direction. Our Corporate Responsibility program focuses on three primary themes:

  1. strengthening local communities;
  2. supporting charitable causes; and
  3. environmental sustainability.

We demonstrate our Corporate Responsibility by:

  • providing design, management and construction services according to the highest ethical and professional standards;
  • integrating diversity into all of our activities and creating an environment in which members and clients can fulfill their potential;
  • operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way;
  • committing to reduce the environmental impact of our office based operations by incorporating modern technology;
  • minimising material use and recycling where appropriate;
  • aiming to support and strengthen local communities by giving our time, energy, ideas and skills to help those within the community;
  • making a contribution to charitable initiatives, whether through providing pro bono assistance to charities and to those in need, donating firm resources or through fundraising;
  • recognising the growing severity of the financial and non-financial needs of the disadvantaged in the communities we serve and an awareness that responsible construction firms must play a leading role in addressing these needs.

At Hudson Communities, our aim is to go above and beyond our corporate obligations and to manage diversity effectively for the benefit of the greater community in which we live and work.


Health and safety in the workplace is a key issue for every organisation.

This is why we have embarked on a path to become accredited to the Australian Standard AS/NZS4801 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems” and can proudly say that we have now reached this milestone and were accredited by BSI, an international third party auditor.

“Our certified Occupational Health and Safety System was designed and implemented with the safety of our workers’, customers’ and the general public in mind.” Says Mr Robert Borg, General Manager, “our dedicated safety management system has been applied to all areas of our business, including offices, construction sites and display homes.”

Benefits of AS/NZS 4801

  • A safer workplace – An OHSMS enables us to identify hazards, assess risks and put the necessary risk control measures in place to prevent accidents
  • Client confidence – An independently assessed OHSMS tells our clients that we have met a number of legal and regulatory requirements, giving them confidence in our organization.
  • Morale – Implementing AS/NZS 4801 shows a clear commitment to the safety of our staff and can contribute to a more motivated, efficient and productive workforce
  • Reduced costs – Fewer accidents means less expensive downtime for our organisation.
  • Training – An OHSMS also highlights whether or not our employees are competent for the task they are performing, which impacts on training and teamwork. The regular assessment process will help us continually monitor and improve our Health & Safety performance.